I believe a wedding cake should be not only gorgeous, but also one of the most delicious desserts you and your guests have ever tasted. I take only one cake order at a time and am able to focus exclusively on its design, allowing me to create a work of art uniquely tailored to you and your event.

Our relationship to food is ancient, essential, and even magical. What we take into our bodies is important not only nutritionally but also energetically: using cruelty-free eggs and dairy does make a difference in not only taste but also our well-being and the health of the planet. A wedding is a rite of passage, a ritual of transformation, and one of life's greatest celebrations of love. Because baking is not just my job but a genuine passion of mine, I truly believe my cakes reflect this. I would love to help you create the cake of your dreams and make it the most delicious one you've ever tasted!

In the tradition of Slow Food, I make everything from scratch, and my recipes feature local and organic ingredients whenever possible. These include fresh berries and fruits from weekly farmers markets, eggs from free-ranging hens, and rich butter and cream from a family-owned organic dairy. High quality, fair-trade chocolate, wild-crafted essential oils, and unrefined sweeteners are amongst the outstanding ingredients that can be tasted in every bite of cake. I am also thrilled to accommodate those who avoid animal products altogether, and offer delicious selections that vegans and non-vegans alike find irresistibly tempting! Likewise, the gluten-intolerant may finally enjoy desserts worthy of true indulgence with my wheat-free variations of certain recipes. I have been baking gluten-free for 10 years, and know how to avoid its many hidden sources to produce moist, tender, and mouthwatering cakes.

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